The Artist Statement: A record of a forgotten being
Each era has its own cultural and historical memory. In the course of time, the last generations gradually disappear from someone's memory. I want to talk about ‘Women’ who have existed in the disappearing generations but do not have a clear reality from the feminist point of view. From the East and the West, women in history were never free. In many countries, many generations, women have been consumed by their femininity and identity as their quiet wives and wise mothers. But they were young girls and young women who had their goals and dreams. On the contrary, it was mostly men who recorded in history with their power. Great men are remembered over time, but the memory of great women are reduced for whatever their achievements are. I am reminded of this loss of memory and re-examining the life of each of them is the main topic of my work.
Feminism is one of the means that all women can relate and communicate with one another beyond race and generation. Even though they have different languages ​​and have not shared history, they can relate and empathize with themselves like mirrors. I would like to visualize and recollect their dreams which even women cannot be reminded themselves through photographs and videos. In my work, women have been more hopeful, subjective, and challenged the behaviours which were taboo to them. I want to emphasize the power and goal of each woman through symbolic and aesthetic photography and video work, and hope to be a cheer for other women. It is the ultimate goal of my work to communicate with women and I wish a moment when women will never need to illuminate their story in their memories only anymore.
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